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Interested in Commissioning? 

How to get a emote/badge commission?

  • Find my emote portfolio here if you haven't already

  • please note the form for emotes/v-tubers are different                      (scroll down for V-Tuber info)

  • Payment sent through Paypal

  • For Emote commissions fill out this form here


  • Each Emote costs $25 USD

  • Each Badge costs $15 USD

  • Bundle of 4 emotes $65 USD

  • (cost can differ depending on complexity and quantity)

  • Payment is acceptable either through Paypal or Venmo

How to get a V-Tuber commission?

  • V-tuber prices include one expression

  • (includes 2 images for a mouth that opens and closes)

  • V-Tubers are designed as chibi as the default so let me know if you're interested in a more complex design (price may vary depending on complexity)

  • check out my V-tuber example here

  • Payment sent through Paypal

  • For V-Tuber commissions fill out this form here


  • Avatar character (bust up) $45 USD each

  • $45 includes open and closed mouth avatar (2 separate images)

  • each additional expression is $15 USD each

As the artist I retain ownership and right to the artwork

emotes cannot be duplicated or sold for profit

commissions will only draw in my own style and no one else's

Thank you so much for reading this far, any additional questions you can use the contact me section below. 

Contact Me

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Thanks for submitting!

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